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Quotes Creator App Review: Create Quotes in Minutes

Every Person on Social Media is searching for quotes for various things like for motivation, inspireation, success, positive thoughts and much more and many bloggers also making quotes blogpost. but due to copyright issue and other things people started copying other quotes and this is dangerous for all bloggers those using that things. here I am introduced u with quotes creator application. From this application, u can create your own quotes images in just minutes.

  1. What is a Quotes Creator Application?

Ans. this is an application that provides a collection of more then 2000+ quotes with own self. 

  1. Category

In Quotes creator application u can get more then 2000+ Quotes with 25 different categories. Due to a large amount of own library can find out a large number of quotes into a different category. In this app also available Christmas quotes for Christmas section is also available.

From This application, U can now write your own text on photos using their internal facilities. U can also save the quote design template that you want to made by customizing. you can later change the text and create

What U can Add?

- Text: You can add text with 70+ different types of fonts for different kind of quotes and occasions. You can also add a background color to the font, add/change stroke and shadow to your text. You can also change opacity, size, color, and alignment of your text. You can also add an underline to your text and rotate it.
- Image: You can also add an image from your gallery to your quote. This helps in many cases like, you can add your logo to the quote, add watermark to your quote or add Instagram twitter handle to the quote. You can also rotate, resize, crop the image.
- Sticker: Stickers and emojis increase the charm of your quote so we added a few stickers and emojis for your special need.

This app is the best app to create an install quote. It allows you to create an image with a quote written on it. So you can add more than one text to the background image, you can add other images to the background image. You can also add stickers provided in the app.

Can We Change Background of quotes?

You can also change the background of the quote. This app has some of the great backgrounds that suits your quote. You can also add your own background from the gallery. We also added many new categories background for different kind of quotes like business, Christmas, Happy New Year, creative writing, for love quotes, nature and some miscellaneous background. We also add few plain background for simple quotes and few background with different pattern texture.

You can change the appearances of the text and image that you added to the quote. You can change text color or change its font style. You can rotate, drag and drop to move its position. You can also apply stroke and shadow to the text. 

You can also do many operation with images that you add to the quote. You can crop, rotate, flip the image for its perfect look. You can also drag and drop it to change the position. 

We made this app specially for the people who creates their own quotes. People with lot of imagination and creativity can just download the app and start creating their quotes. We made it simple for them so they don't need to worry about creating great quote.

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