dynamo gaming 2nd Most Watched Youtube Gaming Channel :Esports Data Report

Youtube gaming is going strong in India and this is now officially we claimed. yes, guys, The Indian gaming community is going too much strong and India's one of the fastest growing Gaming Channel Dynamo Gaming is Leading in chart behalf of India. According to the latest news of the gaming community and esports data analysis report by StreamHatchat.com Dynamo Gaming is most watched Indian youtube channel around the world on youtube gaming. According to Data Dynamo Gaming is watched around 35 Lakh Hours. That was a bit behind the Nick EH 30 whose channel is watched more the 58 Lakh Hours. But in the Airtime Dynamo Gaming is leading the Chart that was much far than any other streamer on youtube Gaming. That show the Indian gaming community is going too much strong and Soon Most of the place is soon taken by Indian Gamers.

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