Whatsapp Stickers Update, Download Link and How Create your Personal Stickers

Whatsapp Stickers Update, Download Link and Create your Personal Stickers 

Whatsapp which is the one of the most popular app in social media for communication and conversation is around the world. more then billion of consumer this app is one of the most prominent app in the world. And recently this app is integrated with various new updates and right now after testing of showing ads in your status bar. this app comes with new update and this update for us with using of stickers. yes guys finally this whatsapp app finally comes with stickers.

         we are using sticker in various others app but now in whatsapp we can use it. you not need to worry about this how to use these stickers and from where you need to download. we provide all things info regarding this.

How To get Stickers.

You gets the stickers in whatsapp with new updates many stickers is provided by whatsapp for free use without any cost and ads. this stickers is very useful for showing your feeling to another person. so no to worry about this from where u get stickers.

We Can Use Third Party Stickers.

Yes, U can use third party stickers for whatsapp without any issue. just download other app stickers and use in this whats app without any problem this is the one of the best thing that u not need to worry about limitation of stickers. here form using third party stickers u have lots of choice about stickers.

Can We create Own Stickers.

Yes, you have to choice to create your own stickers without any problem. if you have any photo in your mobile then if u want to change this photo in stickers then u can use as a stickers. other then this if u have images in google photos then u can create your own stickers without any problem. Now, U know already that whatsapp stickers is comes out for all platforms and since launch of these stickers is become popular, especially during festival season. in India where largest user base for whatsapp, more stickers in regional languages were circulated n the platform. The feature is open o third party which means developers from around the world can create whatsapp stickers and add sticker for whatsapp.

How to create own whatsapp stickers.

whatsapp not officially provide any facilities to create own whatsapp stickers but by using the third party apps u can create own whatsapp stickers. one such app sticker maker provide facility to create your google photo into whatsapp stickers. u can also use your gallay for making these stickers. Follow The following step to create your own stickers.

Step 1 Download the Sticker maker for whatsapp From Play Store.

Step 2 Open the sticker maker for whatsapp and click on "Create a new sticker Pack" option.

Step 3 Enter the sticker pack's name and author.

Step 4 A new page that lets you add up to 30 Stickers for your own will open.

Step 5 Click on "Add Sticker" icon and start creating your own sticker from your gallery.

Step 6 Select an image that u want to make a sticker. crop that image in the form of sticker. in case u wrong cropped then u can restart this process again.

Step 7 Then u create your pack of 30 custom whatsapp stickers.

Step 8 Finally Click on "publish sticker pack" option at the bottom right corner and confirm to publish.

Step 9 Once users publish sticker pack, it will automatically show up in whatsapp and your sticker pack in the app will be identified with the tray icon.

Step 10 Now Send these sticker to your friend and enjoy this.

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