Whatsapp New Update is Create embarrassed in front of family, friends

Whatsapp New Update is Create embarrassed in front of family, friends 

In the last few years, whatsapp become most important medium for communication for chatting with friends and family. this tool become one of the favorite App for people across the world. more then billion download on playstore + Appstore this is the biggest source of communication. but in recent few years this app is using for various illegal activities and as a result many false news or moblinching is coming around the world. due to these issue whatsapp official is using this issue serious and now misuse of the platform as the result in your account getting banned or suspended.  Due to This whatsapp come with whole new update. and this update is too annoying that make embarrassed in front of your family and friends. this new update could also cause embarrassment to people who share personal and sensitive video content. anyone who wishes to avoid any awkward moments would now have to customize their notification setting.

This feature was first spotted by WABetainfo, a site that keeps a close eye on whatsapp development. presently the feature is only available to iOS beta user who having the Whatsapp version installed.

Meanwhile everyone is not happy from this update announcement. this could be anything from a friends sending a funny video to a cute family video. But it could be also be something that you don't want to anybody see. Post this update a small clip of the video will be viewable from the lock screen of the phone. Earlier, whatsapp had introduced similar preview functionally that allowed user to preview both images and gifs.

But, right now whatsapp hasn't confirmed when this feature will be released for all and in what form it will be made available. this is currently under development and it can be make few changes and allow users to have complete control over their privacy.

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