From Google Duo U Can Earn Upto 9000 rupees I google reward program

In the biggest app market of android daily various new apps launched and till now google also released new apps till now. apps like gmail, youtube, maps is directly used by every android user at daily basis. but today we discuss about how u can earn upto 9000 rupees from google duo video calling app. yes guys this is real news that from google duo app u can earn 9000 rupees in financial year and here we discuss about this process.

    You know already that google duo is launched around 2016 for every user and it replaced hangouts in the suite of google apps that OEMs are required to install on all android smartphones. However, despite all these pushes this app not catch too much attention and currently most of users used whatsapp video calling or messenger video calling. Duo hasn't gained the traction that google hoped it would. but google not ready to give up for this and due to this google announced reward programme in india to get more user for such app.

How to Earn from Google Duo for earn

1. To get started, launch google duo, and head over to invite friends by share invite link. It's worth mentioning that the option will only be visible if you're eligible for the rewards program.

2. Choose a Contact in your contact list and tap the Send option. 

3. In canse the other person is not in your contact list, you can go the share link > Send to forward the unique link.

    Google Duo is will notify if u earn a reward. to redeem it your google account must be connected with google Duo. The reward money is disbursed as scratch card worth rs 1000 will be deposited into your bank account. For the same, your must have a UPI-enabled saving account linked with google pay service.


as per google's terms and conditions, an individual can up to Rs. 9000 in cash rewards in a financial year (April 1- march 31).


This offer is available to everyone in india, except for the residents of state of tamilnadu.

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