7 Things That Help To Bring Chicken Dinner In Pubg or Win The game

PUBG is known for its battle Royale game and this game recently completed 100 million download in playstore. In a almost short span of  2 years it is become phenomenal game. it is one of the greatest game and one of the most selling game in gaming history. This game is one of the most intense actions games our with solo as well as team fights that culminate in multiple people batting at the same time.
 So every person want chicken dinner in pubg and those player having good skill, strategy,  good understanding and well communication they win this game. so These pro players follow these following rules.

Pro Player Habits that bring chicken Dinner in PUBG

1. Going Unnoticed

    Pubg offer a good range of cosmetic option and costumes that fell player good. but did u know pro player never use these cosmastic costume they using one simple costumes according to maps. that help to being unnoticed. So try simple clothes that make you less visible in the game.

2. Using Single Shorts and Brust Fire

 Let's i admit that using the auto fire mode is great for close battle, but is so ineffective in longer rangers and makes you miss the target. So when firing over longer distances, always try to use burst fire or single fire mode. But those have mastered in controlling in spray can use it.

3. Become A Silent and Keep Watching

 PuBG is a game where sound is play important role to detect other players, on make less noise to being unnoticed. you do fire only when if enemy is in your range. if 2 teams fighting then keep watching until one team died and don't become a part of this fight that becomes crucial at the final few circles of the game.

4. Don't Rush on Any Team Without Your Team

Sometime some player is pro but there ego come in there winning and always placed  below number. if any other is near by house then don't rush without team. when your team is agree to rush on house then rush but be careful they also players they can kill u so...Do Rush/Push But Carefully.

5. Knockout Other team player and then Rush/Push

 When another team nearby then without knockout out other player don't rush. because they also 4 player and they can also kill u so.. First other team players knockout 2-3 then rush on them u can then win that fight.

6. Use always Smoke For Healing your Teammate

When another team rush on u and  Your Teammate is knockout then always Use Smoke To revive You teammate. because this smoke is provide unnoticed  to your enemy about your position.

7. Use Grenade or Millie before Rush

If u want to rush on another team then firstly use grenade. That grenade create panic to your enemy and then they will knockout and u can rush on them

   So finally these are 7 thing that bring help to win the PUBG game and These habits is used by pro players. and noobs doing opposite of these. so by using these tips u can increase your rank and win the games of pubg.

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